Car detection program for red light violations with license plate recognition

จุดเด่นคือ มี AI ที่สามารถอ่านสัญญาณไฟจราจร และอ่านทะเบียนรถพร้อมกัน แม่นยำที่สุดในประเทศ (99%) รองรับ 4 ช่องทางในกล้องเดียว


Detect vehicles violating red lights
with a record of the general license plate

Covers a wide range ofThai license plates.

Thailand license plates that are currently in use There is a lot to choose from. If you look closely, you'll discover that these license plate cars are also on the running.

and must read the name of the province completely because the registration number of each province can be duplicated including AEC country cars

Detects license plates most accurately (99%)

The highlighted PPA RedLight is the most accurate use of license plate detection system. PPA LicensePlate , which is constantly evolving. Can support license plates that are actually used in Thailand This is quite a challenging task. because it must be able to support the name of the province where the letters are one of the smallest countries in the world And there are a number of license plates that are peeling off, fading labels, letter shield frames, fender nuts, gold stickers, stickers. In addition, all such cases must be supported. at night and when it rains heavily or there is smog


Prepare the Computer and IP camera according to the Datasheet.
Set the camera to detect from the back of the car. to see traffic lights. When a car violates a red light The program will process the image before crossing the white line and the image after crossing the white line. The program will read the license plate as text, numbers, letters, province name, car brand and car color.
After that it will be saved to the computer, can find a car that violates a red light later, send data to command center server, send data to ticketing system or other system via API, and other actions as set up.

Features of the "PPA RedLight" program

More information is available at Datasheet.