Car registration check program with license plate detection system

ที่มีผู้ใช้กว่า 1000 กล้อง ตำรวจใช้ทั่วประเทศ จุดเด่นคือ ความแม่นยำสูง (99%) รองรับ รถยนต์ มอเตอร์ไซต์ รถทูต ทหาร ตำรวจ รถประเทศเพื่อนบ้าน


Gained confidence from all over Thailand and abroad over 1000 cameras

Royal Thai Police
Royal Thai Army

Royal Thai Navy

Royal Thai Air Force

Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters
Internal Security Operations Command

Narcotics Suppression Bureau
Expressway Authority of Thailand
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Covers a wide range ofThai license plates.

Thailand license plates that are currently in use There is a lot to choose from. If you look closely, you'll discover that these license plate cars are also on the running.

and must read the name of the province completely because the registration number of each province can be duplicated including AEC country cars


System for 2 lanes

System for countries in the vicinity
System for open the barrier gate

Other video cases

Best for

• Check cars, Smart Cityand checkpoints.
• Security at the entrance and exit of each branch. Search for lost and suspicious cars.
• Check billing Member customers and VIP customers from the license plate.
• Check billing, such as parking fees, truck weighing, toll fees, etc.
• Automatically open the barrier gate, From the license plate For residents of villages, condominiums, and people within the agency.

Other details

There are a variety of models to pick from depending on your requirements. Datasheet.
• Video Presentation
• Power Point Presentation

Automatic license plate recognition system, high accuracy (99%)

Choosing PPA License Plate is more cost-effective, according to customer testing. The program has been evolving over time. Can accommodate license plates that are currently in use in Thailand. This is a really difficult assignment. because it must be able to support the name of the province, which is one of the world's smallest countries, and there are a number of peeling and fading license plates Gold, sticker, frame, name shield, fender nut, mudguard Furthermore, all such cases must be supported. at night and when there is a lot of rain or smog
Most consumers will find that the PPA License Plate fulfills their needs. The angle of the camera that will be used to read license plates can be set to any angle. If the installation space at the site is limited, such as when the camera blurs and the image isn't very clear, The PPA License Plate can accurately detect the registration number at the level that the reader's eyes can see.


Prepare the Computer and IP camera according to the Datasheet.
Set the camera to the area where you'll be looking for the license plate. to view the registration number clearly PPA License Plate will process the image from the camera and convert it to Text, numbers, letters, province name, car brand, car color, and picture when a car runs into the camera at the reading distance of the sign License plate reader.
It will then save to your computer. can search later, send information to the Server Command Center, alert the car blacklist, open the barrier for the car inside, Send data to other systems using an API, and do other tasks as needed.

Key Functions of the PPA License Plate Program

Diverse functions have been continuously developed in the PPA License Plate program in order to satisfy the needs of various customers and to boost the convenience of using the program by the benefits of each function. They are distinct, including each function's modernity

Car search
Functions used to verify information and license plates including making reports to make it easier to check. The search function has several sub-functions, such as selecting the date and time of the report creation. Searching for information that is a blacklist case or a member case, etc.

Car statistics graph
It is a function that displays data on the number of cars entering the area; the software will display how many cars enter and exit the area each day, month, and year, for example, today there are more cars than yesterday, or the day before, etc.
You can also view statistics by location. Vehicle registration types statistics, as well as vehicle brand statistics

It's a feature that displays the route of a vehicle that's made its first appearance in the system. In order to inform that such vehicles enter from which channel and which channel exits, the line will be shown with data in and out, including car information, when going through the system again.
Camera Status
It's a feature that displays the location of cameras in each area. that the camera is on the same frequency band It's possible to see which cameras are offline or online, which is useful if you need a camera installed far away. It's also possible to see which cameras are faulty and immediately fix them.

It's a versatile function that can be used in a variety of situations. Suitable for a variety of professions, such as condo work, village, and can be used to order the barrier to open for the residents by connecting via Relay USB to order the barrier to open, which will not open Barriers or electric doors if the automobile is not registered Member, and so on. Another notable feature in the Member function is Anti Passback, which restricts parking access. It can specify the start and end dates of that right, which is useful in areas where parking rights are limited, for example.

It's a feature of the security and alerts section. When a suspicious vehicle enters the region, the system will send an alert to the area's security staff.
It is a function that sends data from the child device to the parent computer via the network. For example, a license plate detector is installed across the country and syncs the data from each point to the parent device so that it can be checked. easy Can check the entire journey of the car
In a small network, an example of synchronization
In a large network, an example of synchronization

Features of each PPA License Plate program

There are several versions to choose from depending on your needs. The features of each PPA License Plate can be found at Datasheet.