License plate recognition software (ALPR) is an AI camera system that can read license plates automatically. Just drive through. The system will check suspicious vehicles, members, visitors and alert or open the barrier immediately. Upgrade a general management system to be a smart management system. Increase security and convenience for the users.


ได้รับความเชื่อมั่นจากทั่วประเทศ และต่างประเทศ (รวมกว่า 1,000 กล้อง)


2-channel license plate reading system

อ่านป้ายทะเบียน รถประเทศเพื่อนบ้าน
Order system to open the barrier.

VDO อ่านป้ายทะเบียนอื่น ๆ

Best for

• Check cars, Smart Cityand checkpoints.
• Security zone, Maintain security Doors in and out of each branch. Search for lost cars, suspicious cars.
• Promotion/CRM, Member customers and VIP customers from the license plate.
• Check billing, Parking fees, truck weighing and toll fees.
• Automatically open the barrier gate, From the license plate For residents of villages, condominiums, and people within the agency.

Other details

• There are many models to choose from according to your needs. More details can be found from Datasheet
• Video Presentation
• Power Point Presentation


When a car enters the reading range, the camera will send the image to the PPA program in Real Time through RTSP. The PPA program will process the image and convert the image into text (Text), numbers, letters, provinces, car brands, car colors and images. and then store it in the local database. The program has released an API to allow customers to extract license plate information from the PPA program and use it with their program.


Example: Installing a camera to read license plates


car registration check program The most accurate (99%)

From the testing of many customers, choose PPA even though the price is higher. But it's worth more and the program has been continuously developed. to meet the needs of customers as much as possible to accommodate each situation, such as the camera angle to be used for Reading license plates can be attached to any angle in In the event that the site has limited space for installation, the license plate that is peeling in white can be read as well. Including the time when the camera blurs the image very clearly at the level of the human eye. Read out the program PPA UV License Plate was able to read the license plate accurately.
Camera tilting angle limited installation
peeling label

blur camera

Key Functions of the PPA License Plate Program

In the program PPA UV License Plate has been continuously developed in various functions as well in order to meet the needs of various customers and increase the convenience of using the program by the benefits. Each function is different. including the modernity of each function

is a function used to check the information of the license plate. including making reports It comes out in Excel format and a browser file for easy checking. The search function has many sub-functions, such as selecting the date and time of the report. Searching for information that is Blacklist or Member, etc.
Example search function

is a function that shows statistics of the amount of cars entering the area, the program will show how many cars enter and leave the area each day, month or year, for example, today there are more cars than yesterday. Or the day before, etc. Suitable for those who need to keep statistics in the event that there is a car through the area.

Example Statistic function
is a function that displays the route of the vehicle that has entered the system for the first time. and when going through the system again, the line will be shown with data in and out including car information In order to inform that such vehicles enter from which channel and which channel exits
Camera Status
function is a function that shows the location of cameras installed in each area. that the camera is connected in the same band able to check which camera is offline or which camera is still online, suitable for having to have a camera installed far away, can check which camera is not stuck, can fix it quickly
Example Camera Status function

is a function that can be applied in a variety of applications. Suitable for many jobs, for example condo work, village, can be used to order to open the barrier for the residents by connecting via Relay USB to order to open the barrier, which if the car is not registered in Member Barriers or electric doors will not open, etc. In the Member function, there is also another interesting function, Anti Passback, limiting access to parking. and can set the start and expiration date of that privilege which is suitable for Areas where parking rights are restricted, etc.
Example function Member

is a security and alert function. When a suspicious vehicle enters the area The system will alert the security personnel of that area.
Example function blacklist
Example function blacklist when a suspicious car is found
is a function that transmits data over the Network network from the child machine to the parent machine. It is mostly used for area work. with the nature of the work in each point that are separated from each other, for example, the police work has installed a child machine to read license plates all over Bangkok and has synced the data of each point to the mother machine, making it possible to check Easy. The advantage is that it is able to detect suspected cars that will run into the area or be able to easily track down the cars used by the culprit. which can come to check at the mother machine that the said car is running on which route, etc.
ตัวอย่าง การทำSync แบบเครือข่ายขนาดเล็ก
ตัวอย่าง การทำSync แบบเครือข่ายขนาดใหญ่

ในส่วนสเปคของคอมพิวเตอร์ หรือ Server มีผลอย่างมากในการประมวลผลโปรแกรมมีผลต่อ ความชัดในการอ่านป้ายทะเบียน การกระตุกและDelay ของภาพที่มีการ Stream จากกล้อง
– คอม1ช่องทาง / รองรับความเร็ว 60 (กม/ชม.) / ค่าประสิทธิภาพ cpu 6.6 / spec ที่แนะนำ 2.2 GHz 2 core 4 thread i3-8130U / ค่าประสิทธิ์ภาพขั้ต่ำ 5.1 / spec ขั้นต่ำ 1.7 GHz 2 core 4 thread / ไม่ใช้ Graphic Card
– คอม1ช่องทาง / รองรับความเร็ว 120 (กม/ชม.) / ค่าประสิทธิภาพ cpu 13.3 / spec ที่แนะนำ 2.2 GHz 6 core 6 thread i5-9500T / ค่าประสิทธิ์ภาพขั้ต่ำ 10.2 / spec ขั้นต่ำ 3.4 GHz 2 core 4 thread / ไม่ใช้ Graphic Card
– คอม50 ช่องทาง / รองรับความเร็ว 60 (กม/ชม.) / ค่าประสิทธิภาพ cpu 140.4 / spec ที่แนะนำ Xeon Silver 3.2 GHz 20 core 40 thread / ค่าประสิทธิ์ภาพขั้ต่ำ 108.0 / spec ขั้นต่ำ Xeon Silver 2.5 GHz 20 core 40 thread / ใช้ Graphic Card Quadro RTX 4000
– คอม50 ช่องทาง / รองรับความเร็ว 120 (กม/ชม.) / ค่าประสิทธิภาพ cpu 280.8 / spec ที่แนะนำ 2 CPU – Xeon Silver 2.1 GHz 32 core 64 thread / ค่าประสิทธิ์ภาพขั้ต่ำ 216.0 / spec ขั้นต่ำ 3.4 GHz 2 core 4 thread / ใช้ Graphic Card 2 cards – Quadro RTX 4000
วิธีการคำนวนค่าประสิทธิภาพ CPU รุ่นอื่น โดยประมาณ
– ค่าประสิทธิภาพ CPU = base clock speed * (จํานวน core + จํานวน thread)/2
สามารถอ่านเพิ่มเติมได้ที่ Datasheet


Features of each PPA License Plate system

There are several versions to choose from depending on your needs. The features of each PPA License Plate can be found at Datasheet Datasheet


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