License plate recognition software that has been selected for use in large projects across the country, including projects for the Ministry of Interior, the Royal Thai Police Customs Department, and other projects of various sizes. Both governmental and non-governmental companies, as well as exporting to sell abroad, are involved.

Thefinest quality , highest accuracy, with over 1,000 cameras sold. Special license plates with a variety of features are supported.Deep knowledge of a variety of technologies, such as AI, LPR, and OCR, as well as the ability to develop. You can be confident in the security of the PPA License Plate system because it was thefirst firmin Thailand to succeed in establishing the License plate recognition software in 2006, along with more than 10 years of continuous progress.

Projects have been installed across the country

Ministry of Interior (Thailand)

Royal Thai Police

Thai Customs

Project in Thailand

Ministry of Defense, Royal Thai Navy, Office of The Permanent Secretary For Defence, Department of Highways, Department of Land Transport, Ajinomoto and Sansiri. 

Projects in other countries

Singapore's Ministry of Interior, and more than 40 other important departments in Singapore, Laos, Brunei, and Hong Kong. 

Special license plates are supported

Military vehicles, police, embassies, green signs, red signs, general cars/motorcycles, province names, etc. at the same time.

Special license plates are supported

Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, etc. at the same time, including cars, motorcycles, city names.

Highest accuracy on the market

Select for PPA even if it is more expensive but more cost-effective, according to several customers' testing. 

Submit work 100%

SI and other brands When the work that was sent didn't pass, the sender switched to PPA. The job was completed successfully. because the product is a perfect match for the cover 100%.


Supports development to connect to other systems.

Weather resistant

Don't be concerned about scratching your license plate. The sign is filthy, there is heavy rain, it is cloudy day and night, and so forth.

Easy installation

Because the PPA License Plate has human-like skills, simply configure the camera to show the registration number well enough for people to understand it.


Only use one camera. Supports various lanes for checking car registration.

Analyze the characteristics of the car

Type of registration, car brand, color, model, and model year.

Can be installed in any form

  • Edge type, computer with camera.
  • Server type, the computer is at the center.
  • Camera type, 3G/4G.
  • Mobile type, mobile set.
  • LPR Car type, installed on the car.

Multi-layered control center

There is a control center at the head office. There are branch control centers and control centers that do not exist at all.

Blacklist Alert

When suspect license plates are discovered, an automatic alert is sent out.

Open the barrier gate

Automatically open the barrier gate using a license plate.

Search for a car by license plate

Use the license plate search button to look for suspicious vehicles.

Last Pass

Check images of the car compared to the last checkpoint that the car passed. Even in different provinces, different control centers.

Record images and videos.

On the same device, choose a clear license plate image and record cctv images.

Supports various brands of cameras

Best for

  • Check cars, Smart Cityand checkpoints.
  • Security zone, Maintain security Doors in and out of each branch. Search for lost cars, suspicious cars.
  • Promotion/CRM, Member customers and VIP customers from the license plate.
  • Check billing, Parking fees, truck weighing and toll fees.
  • Automatically open the barrier gate, From the license plate For residents of villages, condominiums, and people within the agency.

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